Madison, MS Parkway Pentecostal Church

This is my second year to speak and do a God’s giRlz retreat at Parkway Pentecostal Church in Madison, MS.  It was a BLAST and outdid last year.  Friday night was filled with fun, laughter, games, prizes, skits, food, crafts, a insightful session, and an awesome consecration time.  In fact one girl got the Holy Ghost!  Praise God!   Many girls gave their hearts and lives back to Jesus and made life long commitments.  Saturday morning started with a “Mentor/Heroes Breakfast” where the girls got to interview some of their “spiritual heroes/ladies” from the Parkway church and learn from their Godly example and wisdom.  There were more crowd breakers, more prizes, and more FOOD!  Yum!  The breakfast ended with another consecration message.  The ladies then went and prayed over each God’s giRl to  MOVE forward NOT backwards in Jesus.  As those ladies were fervently praying, giftings and blessings were imparted into those girls.  The presence of God came and flowed through the room.  Many girls were ministered to.  This was personally my favorite part of the whole retreat.  I truly believe these girls lives were changed forever.  They were motivated, challenged, and empowered to be the BEST they could be and to shine the Light of Jesus with EVERYONE they see.  I can’t wait until next year – it’s gonna ROCK 4 Jesus!

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